A comprehensive approach for security through privacy      The TrustWrx technology was designed specifically as a secure messaging application. It integrates into a single stack all functions needed to achieve secure messaging between devices and servers. It provides an easily-implemented and secure communications channel with a code-free hand-off to existing or new applications at the device or server.

TrustWrx accommodates messaging of any protocol and seamlessly connects with new or legacy applications without requiring application code revisions. Moreover, TrustWrx traffic moves seamlessly through enterprise firewalls, standard open ports, and across LANS and WANS as standard traffic.

TrustWrx uses only state-of-the-art encryption and does not utilize VPNs, TOR, or previous encryption solutions. Due to its ease of deployment, integrated functionality and multi-tier encryption, TrustWrx renders VPNs, TOR and previous encryption solutions obsolete.

Fully Integrated set of security features      TrustWrx bundles into a single communications application, all the critical privacy components required for IoT security:

  • IoT Policy Engine – The first fully-encrypted DNS-based policy engine for IoT.
  • Multi-layer encryption – Protecting all content, routing and metadata in packet headers.
  • Integral identity controls – Validating packet ownership, source and pedigree.
  • Integrated key generation and exchange – Providing high integrity keys without human involvement.
  • Automated certificates – Eliminating public certificate threats and management overhead.
  • Dynamic port management – Encrypted port knocking assures policy controlled access to all ports.
  • Easy integration with prior security investments – TrustWrx complements perimeter protections, extending security to remote IoT devices. No changes are required to the existing perimeter security stack.

IoT Policy Engine           At the heart of TrustWrx is the fully encrypted TrustWrx IoT Policy Engine. Completely replacing the threat-soaked public DNS, and deployable as a cloud-based service or enterprise solution, the IoT Policy Engine is an encrypted DNS and database application that services all aspects of TrustWrx secure traffic.

Private Packet Routing                  The publicly visible metadata in packet headers – required by the global DNS – is the primary fuel driving almost all threats and malware.  The unavoidable conclusion is that public packet routing over the global DNS defeats privacy, and therefore denies much needed security. TrustWrx removes these dangers by privatizing every part of the packet conversation, including headers and routing – through encryption – via the private DNS of the IoT Policy Engine.

Eliminating the many gaps that threats exploit           Fragmented security components (keys, encryption, certificates, firewalls, etc.) introduce intermediate gaps that cyber-felons exploit. By securing the entire communications tunnel in a single integrated solution, not only are developers and managers relieved from the complex problems of fragmented components and the gaps they promote, but the attack surface is greatly minimized and security is optimized.

Simple Deployment           At the IoT device a small-footprint client provides a dashboard interface to any existing or new application.  Instead of buying thousands of device certificates, dealing with key exchange and encryption issues, and handing the traffic off to HTTPS, the developer simply hands off to TrustWrx, registers the devices with central policies and securely deploys the new or legacy application.


Patented Core Technology – US patents protect many features of the TrustWrx technology.

Security Testing

The TrustWrx technology has been vetted by major testing labs for security and operational vulnerabilities.

Performance Testing

A Performance and Stress test at NSS Labs proved that one thousand clients could send and receive over six Terabits of 1 MB messages per 8 hour day through two minimal rack servers – resulting in an NSS Labs high-performance carrier-class certification.

Hard Facts

Some 5.5 million new IoT devices come online every day — Gartner estimates that by 2023 the Iot will include more than 35 billion devices.

Gartner estimates that 2018 will see up to 50% of malware delivered via routinely compromised SSL/TLS/HTTPS.


Until now, the IoT markets have not had an easily implemented turnkey solution to achieve true
IoT messaging privacy with its attendant security benefits.

Today, all application security implementations look alike: they all use identical methods and technologies – mostly HTTPS – and all are weakly layered over applications as an afterthought.

Achieving app security through custom code development or TLS layers – one application at a time – is highly wasteful and fraught with implementation and operational vulnerabilities.

A far more secure and cost-effective approach is the TrustWrx security platform. It is built for IoT, is exhaustively comprehensive, rigidly tested, and easily implemented.

We believe that the TrustWrx trusted messaging solution is ideal for many segments of the expanding IoT marketplaces and represents a paradigm shift from the guards, gates and guns thinking that drives today’s IOT security offerings.

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