Company Overview

From Threat-Driven to Threat-Immune

TrustWrx is a new vision for security and privacy.        Recognizing that the defensive firewall approach to security has peaked – and that perimeter defense does not protect communications with remote IoT devices – TrustWrx has created a proactively structured privacy platform that delivers end-to-end security for IoT and many other cloud-based operations.

Because Fighting defense has never won a war.        It is clear that a posture of perimeter defense will not work in this new world of IoT, Blockchain, AI and other emerging technologies. TrustWrx takes a fresh, strategic and proactive approach – specifically not defensive – to create a structured environment of trustworthy communications across the cloud. By the virtue of its deterministic architecture it simply locks out threats that are invasive or potentially damaging.

TrustWrx – Security as a Service        Far easier to deploy and manage and much more comprehensive than HTTPS, TLS, TOR, VPNs or home-grown security layers, TrustWrx is a cost effective, and code-free security answer for OEMs and providers of IoT products and services across many industries.

Total Cloud Security through end-to-end Privacy        TrustWrx messaging privacy means no part of an IoT operational message in transit may be viewed, purloined or manipulated by anyone or any process other than the authorized messaging devices, servers and applications. Nor can the messaging channel be exploited by unauthorized persons to imitate, hijack, inject or penetrate any part of the private channel or its endpoints.

Protected addressing, routing and ports        TrustWrx triply encrypts all parts of the message – encrypting not only message content, but all routing and other meta-information in packet headers. When coupled with TrustWrx’s advanced port management and central policy controls, the IoT channel and all IoT dedicated endpoints are completely protected – malware, crimeware and other threats cannot penetrate or harm IoT devices, applications, servers, applications, and messaging operations.

Authenticated IP addresses and machine identities.        By delivering fully authenticated relationships, along with secure communication channels that are hidden from the gaze of bad actors, TrustWrx creates an end-to-end “diplomatic pouch” solution that inverts the security model from Threat-Driven to Threat-Immune; exceeding by far any other IoT solution available today.


TrustWrx enables software developers to proceed in their primary area of expertise – application functionality – without concerns for the thorny security and privacy components. At completion of the coding cycle – or as an application security retrofit – developers simply cross-talk their app through a code-free interface to the TrustWrx messaging client. They then configure the central policy gateway services, register the devices and deploy their completely secured application. No changes to standard applications are required.


The market for TrustWrx solutions spans end-point devices, home automation, medical equipment, connected automobiles, apps and applications, wearables, SCADA (industrial and electric grid) and many other IoT segments. The company has a B2B market focus; the typical TrustWrx customer is a major enterprise or wholesale OEM of devices or applications. Enterprise or cloud hosted solutions are offered to OEMs and enterprises, and TrustWrx acts as a cloud service provider to smaller companies.

The TrustWrx solution is built on proven security disciplines and methods that simply do not allow present and future threats to operate in any part of the IoT messaging space.

The TrustWrx Mission

The mission of TrustWrx is to protect all aspects of IoT messages from prying eyes and malicious behavior – on all IoT endpoints and across the open Internet.

TrustWrx is a new kind of cyber-security company. We meld together the critical components of messaging privacy and transport security to deliver the next generation security technology for IoT.

TrustWrx IS AN EARLY-STAGE COMPANY       The base technology has been developed, extensively tested and patented. At this time we are raising additional capital, pushing towards beta testing and seeking partners and early adopters across target industries. Within a few months we expect to be at beta and hard at work to drive TrustWrx across the IoT marketplace.

TrustWrk can help you

By implementing TrustWrx developers and managers of legacy or new applications can set aside concerns for encryption, keys, certificates, routing, and protecting ports and firewalls – it is all handled seamlessly and safely by TrustWrx.

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