Our team grid

  • George Sidman

    Chairman & CEO

    George Sidman is a serial entrepreneur with a 30-year track record in launching and growing successful...

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  • Ken Stilwell

    Chief Technology Officer

    Highly experienced senior software architect & developer with wide range of technology expertise...

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  • Mark Gibson

    Advisor - Marketing

    Widely-experienced sales and marketing professional and consultant with 30 years’ experience in...

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  • Mitch Bishop

    Strategic Advisor

    Successful CMO & sales executive positions with a focus on scaling pre-IPO enterprise software companies....

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  • U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Matthew Kohler (Ret.)

    Senior Government and Defense Advisor

    Recently retired, Matt Kohler is the former Director of Naval Intelligence and Deputy Chief of...

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  • Dan Corcoran

    Strategic Security Advisor

    Cybersecurity responsibility for Intuit’s TurboTax, Mint and Quicken offerings. Director of Information...

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The TrustWrx Mission

The mission of TrustWrx is to protect all aspects of IoT messages from prying eyes and malicious behavior – on all IoT endpoints and across the open Internet.

TrustWrx is a new kind of cyber-security company. We meld together the critical components of messaging privacy and transport security to deliver the next generation security technology for IoT.

TrustWrx IS AN EARLY-STAGE COMPANY       The base technology has been developed, extensively tested and patented. At this time we are raising additional capital, pushing towards beta testing and seeking partners and early adopters across target industries. Within a few months we expect to be at beta and hard at work to drive TrustWrx across the IoT marketplace.

TrustWrk can help you

By implementing TrustWrx developers and managers of legacy or new applications can set aside concerns for encryption, keys, certificates, routing, and protecting ports and firewalls – it is all handled seamlessly and safely by TrustWrx.

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