More bad news for Smart-home Security

A recent article in the Washington Post highlights growing concerns about the proliferation of insecure smart-home (IoT) devices online and the lack of government oversight protecting consumers from vulnerable devices. 

With smart doorbells, surveillance devices, digital assistants and smart appliances, laptops, gaming devices and tablets, the average connected home is a cornucopia of cyber-vulnerability, protected in most cases only by the firewall on the WiFi router.  For these smart devices, the anti-virus software on computers is of no help at all.

Insecure-smart-home-devices-with-known-security-flawsThe average US broadband connected home in 2020 has 9.1 computing and entertainment devices, 2 smart home devices (IoT), and 1.2 connected health devices (IoT) 1. Whitepaper ParksAssociates

The devices in question had multiple vulnerabilities and were easily accessed using simple hacking techniques.
A class action lawsuit filed against Amazon recently claims that weak security allowed hackers to take over the smart cameras used on doorbells and in homes to spy on young children and terrorize senior adults.

Security experts acknowledge that weak IoT device security is a risk factor in their deployment in both industrial and domestic usage scenarios.

Key points from the article:

  • Vulnerabilities have shown up in Internet-connected home devices time and time again.
  • Hackers needed only very simple tools to get in
  • The Internet of Things is still a Wild West for security
  • A federal law was passed last year to improve device security, but who’s checking?

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Today, the smart home and small business can only defend against threats by employing router firewalls and anti-virus software on computers and laptops; a method that is now less than 50% effective  – but offers no protection at all against direct attacks on insecure smart  devices (e.g., smart TVs, thermostats, doorbells, baby cams, etc.) and zero privacy.

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