The TrustWrx technology was developed over a three year period and designed specifically as a secure messaging application. It accommodates messaging of any type or protocol and utilizes TCP/IP as its primary communications stack.  Its major function is to securely exchange messages end-to-end with the handoff being to existing or new applications at the device or server.  It integrates into a single application stack all functions and dependencies needed to achieve triply encrypted messaging between devices and servers.    TrustWrx does not utilize VPNs, Tor, or previous encryption solutions.

By securing the entire communications tunnel, developers and managers are relieved from the thorny problems of keys, certificates, encryption, ports, application layer secure code practices, etc.

At its core is the fully encrypted Central Policy Engine.  Deployable as a web-based service, or enterprise solution, the Policy Engine is an encrypted multiple database application that provides a range of high-speed administrative services.  It can talk through existing firewalls and ports – and across the cloud -without exposing its encrypted traffic – including all packet headers – to prying eyes.  Its integrated databases include Account Policies, Devices, Public Keys, Message Transactions, registered IP Addresses and Device Fingerprints and others. All TrustWrx traffic must transit the Central Policy Engine.

At the IoT device a small-footprint client provides a no-code interface to any existing or new application.  Instead of buying thousands of device certificates, dealing with key exchange problems, and handing the traffic off to HTTPS, the developer simply hands off to TrustWrx, registers the devices with central policies and deploys the secure application. All security aspects are bundled into TrustWrx and managed by the code.

Threat Immunity through comprehensive security

Because the effectiveness of any privacy solution pivots on its weakest link, achieving an effective messaging privacy model requires that the entire range of threats cannot be allowed to operate in a manner that compromises any aspect of messaging privacy.  Only by understanding and integrating complete threat prevention into the architecture of the privacy model can true end-to-end privacy and security be achieved. And, it must be exhaustively comprehensive.

Our research reveals that the vast majority of connected IoT devices utilize HTTPS as the communications protocol. Consequently, analyzing threats against the IoT space pivots largely on research into standard web-based threats.

Emerging IoT protocols, such as lightweight MQTT and CoAP, ride on TCP or UDP, making them vulnerable to transport layer threats similar to lower-level web-based threats.  Direct attack vectors against MQTT, CoAP and other messaging protocols specific to IoT do not appear to have emerged.

It is also clear that the threat mitigation culture still pivots on the perimeter defense mentality of the “Security Industry.” The need for these legacy services is not displaced by TrustWrx.  Perimeter defense will always be with us, but to a much lesser degree in any TrustWrx enabled IoT network.

  • TrustWrx is a proactive and strategically designed privacy ecosystem for universal messaging within which almost all threats, malware and cybercrime cannot operate. Unlike the defensive posture of layered security solutions, TrustWrx is proactively focused on a deterministic architecture of safe messaging technologies and practices.
  • TrustWrx does not utilize the public DNS and its related publicly exposed routing. TrustWrx replaces the publicly exposed DNS with more robust private DNS-like database services that extend encrypted name resolution to fully encrypted addressing and policy management of all components of a TrustWrx enabled network.
  • Every part of TrustWrx packet traffic is encrypted (all metadata, content, attachments, domain names, message addresses, headers, routing, handshaking, etc.) – everything except the IP address pair – which is always endpoint disassociated. This means that all standard threats that rely on publicly visible metadata, addressing and routing cannot operate within TrustWrx enabled networks.
  • The IP address is the lowest common denominator for routing IP traffic over the public Internet and cannot be encrypted. However, TrustWrx disassociates all IP address message pairs through central gateway services to protect anonymity and privacy. TrustWrx further employs sophisticated server-relay measures to protect ports, operating systems and applications from unwanted and potentially harmful packets.
  • TrustWrx ports and applications do not operate on industry standard port numbers. They utilize policy-driven techniques and complex port and IP address hopping methods, encrypted port knocking and device fingerprints – validated through central policy services – to further protect the privacy of applications and messaging operations.
  • Having developed the capability to encrypt packet headers, TrustWrx is uniquely positioned to totally control, in complete privacy, the packet conversation between an endpoint device and gateway services, and on to another endpoint device or server. Insofar as the packet header is no longer subject to prying eyes on the open Internet – and can be seen only by the TrustWrx applications code at either end – TrustWrx is uniquely positioned to lock down the entire packet conversation.
  • TrustWrx utilizes only industry standard encryption that has been published, vetted and proven durable over time. TrustWrx’s triple layer encryption was designed to accommodate many different encryption algorithms and key lengths. To protect the inner workings of its advanced technology (key management, encrypted databases, port manipulations, etc.) the company does not publish the TrustWrx source code.  In-depth discussions regarding the operations of the TrustWrx technology are welcome with qualified buyers.
  • The company has White Papers and other documents that provide additional details – available on request to qualified individuals.

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Identity is the New Perimeter.

Internet Packets have No Verifiable Identity

According to a recent IDSA report, 97% of IT security experts agree that identity is a foundational component of a Zero Trust security model. Until now, embedded packet identity and usage credentials have been universally ignored in the identity/security equation.

The overall threat and malware problem persists primarily because an IP address is the only identity a packet has. However, spoofed and uncontrolled IP addresses are often a common delivery mechanism for the more than 90% of packet traffic that is unwanted or dangerous.

Having no credentials and with no means of verifying the true packet source, the good packets are indistinguishable from the bad, and more than nine out of ten packets are unwanted or dangerous.

The critical innovation needed to solve this problem, and eliminate the majority of rogue packet traffic, is to arm the packet with true verifiable identity and usage provenance credentials – centrally validating packets and controlling packet usage across the local network and beyond to the cloud.

By giving packets verifiable identity, precisely controlling packet usage and significantly collapsing the threat surface, a new and much more powerful security paradigm emerges.

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