Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TrustWrx better than my anti-virus software ?

“The expanding range of dangers to your home Internet means your desktop anti-virus software is now less than 50% effective. TrustWrx provides a sophisticated corporate-grade security center that is staffed by security experts and operating very powerful threat detection and mitigation services. It watches over all your Internet activity – blocking the invasive and dangerous things before they can get to your home network or computers.”

Why is my anti-virus software no longer good enough ?

“Anti-virus software residing on your computer has been the one and only line of defense. But the bad guys can sneak onto your computer and do damage before your anti-virus software can intervene – in many cases it is too late. Plus, there is no anti-virus software for your smart devices – video doorbell, smart thermostat or baby-cam.”

Does TrustWrx protect my computers, and my whole home network ?

Yes. This is one of the major TrustWrx benefits. The average smart home now has more than 11 smart devices that all need protection. Since there is little to no security for your smart devices – and your anti-virus software protects only your computers – the only way to safely protect all components of your home Internet, as you add more exposed devices, is to secure the entire system where it connects to the open Internet.

How easy is it to install TrustWrx ?

It’s actually quite simple. The small TrustWrx appliance is purchased online and plugged in at your router. Then you sign up online for the protection plan best for you. No changes are required on your computers, router or smart devices.

What is the TrustWrx Security Center all about ?

The security center intervenes between your home network and the open Internet. Using a suite of highly advanced detection and analysis software, normally found only in the largest corporations, all Internet traffic to your home is monitored, analyzed and sanitized. Using learning techniques, email from unknown sources, questionable attachments, and other out-of-the-ordinary traffic is kept quarantined at the security center, away from your home, and sent to you only with your approval.

What does the TrustWrx gateway appliance do ?

This is a small and powerful computer that encrypts the entire stream of normal communications with the security center. This means that only TrustWrx-encrypted and sanitized traffic can get to your home network – all rogue traffic is locked out. The result is that your home network becomes invisible to the open Internet. Without the gateway and the protection plan, your home Internet remains exposed to the many dangers of the public Internet.

Is TrustWrx an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

No. You keep all your email, web and other service providers as they are. TrustWrx is a highly advanced communications service that connects your home Internet safely to the public Internet through hyper-secure networking services. Think of TrustWrx as the diplomatic pouch for Internet access.

Does TrustWrx support private and secure family groups, academic and business communities ?

Yes. The private directory services of TrustWrx allow private family groups and academic or business communities for work-from-home, e-learning, medical groups, etc. A group administrator may establish these groups across any combination of TrustWrx subscribers, regardless of their location. Using normal email addresses, all emails, attachments and file transfers move between group members fully encrypted and invisible to prying eyes. Private web sites, accessible only to specified group members, will also be supported in the future.