Because desktop anti-virus software is less than 50% effective against modern threats.

The TrustWrx Secure Cloud brings to the small network a degree of security that has been available before only to the largest corporate networks. By installing an inexpensive secure gateway at your router, you connect safely across the cloud – protected by a major data center and professionally managed security services – bringing to your home or business network a level of cost-effective and hassle-free security that exceeds that of most major corporate networks.

Simple, powerful and inexpensive, a non-technical install and requiring no ongoing maintenance, TrustWrx is the next generation of highly durable security for networks and sub-nets in any environment.

TrustWrx is currently in the  advanced stages of development and anticipates beta testing within a few months. Please see the Beta Partners section for details on how your network could benefit from becoming a beta partner – at no cost.


Now your small network can be as secure
as a large company network

  • Secure your network in 3 easy steps . . .
    1. Buy a secure gateway online or at a local store for less than $100.
    2. Install the gateway at your router.
    3. Sign up online.
  • Out of the box, with no configuration hassles, TrustWrx isolates your network from the dangers of the open Internet.
  • Your computers, laptops, printers and all smart devices – smart speakers, thermostats, doorbells, baby-cams, medical equipment, etc. – instantly become invisible to prying eyes.
  • The professionally managed data security center watches over your email and web activity, finding and fixing problems before they can get onto your network and invade your computers.

Simply plug the secure gateway into your router, sign up online and relax. Our expert security center immediately becomes your network security partner.

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Let our security professionals manage your network security, while you enjoy the peace of mind of a safer and more productive Internet experience.

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Nobody online can see or mess with your computers, smart speakers, cameras, thermostats, doorbells, medical equipment, etc. Your whole network becomes safer.

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TrustWrx is the next-generation breakthrough for home and small business security,
safely dealing remotely with the many threats that desktop anti-virus can’t handle.


Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or phone between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM (Pacific) Monday to Friday — we would be delighted to speak.