Because IoT security challenges exceed the protections of defensive perimeter security.

TrustWrx delivers end-to-end IoT security, privacy and anonymity – along with strong endpoint protection – against all known and future threats to the privacy and security of fixed and mobile IoT operations.

Benefits and Advances

  • Privacy and security for the policy-based management of all communications for fixed and mobile IoT devices and applications.
  • Full Integration of all privacy components into a single solution: central policy engine, triple encryption, key management, identity controls, port protection, and more.
  • Strong Authentication of applications, devices, servers, addresses, etc.
  • Anonymity for all physical and virtual connected components.
  • Integrated policy-driven port and firewall protection against unauthorized endpoint access and penetrations.
  • Freedom from private and secure messaging for developers, network engineers and IT managers.

All IoT devices and servers are registered and administered under encrypted Central Policies, and referenced to validate all packet traffic.

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TrustWrx triply encrypts all packet content, attachments, headers and metadata, along with routing and addressing – eliminating all threats based on packet sniffing.

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All TrustWrx port, OS and application packet access is protected by encrypted port knocking, registered IP addresses and device fingerprints.

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TrustWrx is the next generation breakthrough for IoT security,
well beyond the legacy model of threat-driven perimeter security.


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