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TrustWrx at the Edge
Securing IoT Sensors, Hubs and Controllers

© George Sidman ~ TrustWrx, Inc., 2019
As the Internet of Things expands into all aspects of industry, health care, connected cars, wearables, etc., the security of communications beyond the defended perimeter has become a major issue. As IoT devices proliferate across the cloud, the frequency and costs of breaches are escalating, opening up many vulnerabilities across IoT that have proven difficult to defend against. Download PDF

11 Internet Security Fallacies
© George Sidman ~ TrustWrx, Inc., 2019
Presented are 11 fallacies and myths that currently dominate the security/privacy industry; limiting much-needed innovations towards better privacy and security. Included among these fallacies is the long considered sacred DNS, the single largest violator of privacy and spawner of malware on the Internet. Other fallacies are covered because we can’t fix the Internet until we get some clear-headed thinking.   Download PDF

The Worldwide Internet Security Crisis
© George Sidman ~ TrustWrx, Inc., 2019
This paper raises the alarm of the escalating Internet Security Crisis. It reveals the rapidly increasing numbers that will give the cyber criminals more than 10% of the US GDP in 2021. The expanding shortage of security engineers is also reviewed, along with the growth numbers for IoT devices. The combination of these elements, and the lack of real communications security for IoT, adds up to an impending crisis of national disaster proportions. Download PDF

Finally, a Breakthrough in Cybersecurity Protection
© Rich Spangenberg, January 2019
This article from Rich Spangenberg, a TrustWrx Advisor, reviews TrustWrx against the current state of the cyber security marketplace. It touches on the many features of TrustWrx that differentiate it significantly from the old defensive model that has prevailed across the security industry for twenty years. Download PDF

Security Implications of Quantum Computing – Current Realities
© Dan Corcoran, March 2019
This paper, authored by Dan Corcoran, is the companion paper to the previous paper, “Is Quantum Computing a Threat to Cryptography?”   Dan’s paper goes into more referenced detail, footnoting authoritative reports from the National Academy of Sciences, NIST, The Naval Postgraduate School and others. Dan is the Senior Security Advisor to TrustWrx. Download PDF

Is Quantum Computing a Threat to Cryptography?
© George Sidman ~ TrustWrx, Inc., 2019
This paper was written in response to frequent questions regarding the threat that quantum computing might pose to the multi-tier cryptography employed by TrustWrx. It reviews the current state of quantum computing from a practical-application standpoint, providing some clarity to the murky area between the theoretical hopes of quantum computing and the realities of present-day cryptography. Download PDF

Quantum Computing: Progress and Prospects (2019)
National Academy of Sciences, 2019
This consensus study report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine is a comprehensive review of the current state and purported future of quantum computing.
Download PDF

Status Report on the First Round of the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process
National Institute of Standards and Technology, January 2019
In November, 2017, 82 first round candidate algorithms for post-quantum cryptography were submitted to NIST. In January, 2019, 26 candidate algorithms remained for final consideration. It is anticipated that final selections will results in standards in the 2023-2024 time frame. Download PDF

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