Because AI-based whole network security is more than twice as effective as desktop anti-virus.

now any business network and/or connected home can
be as secure as a major corporation or defense network

Give your business customers cost-effective corporate-class
security that protects their databases and other IT assets from
ransomware and other threats, and protects their hybrid workers
as well, wherever they are.


What Is TrustWrx ?  

  • A comprehensive enterprise-class SaaS overlay service for any network, delivered and supported by MSPs, ISPs and network management professionals.
  • The first to protect all networks, computers, IoT and mobile devices through policy-based packet routing controls, managed by the MSP or ISP, or directly manageable by the end-user.
  • Utilizes a triply-encrypted secure tunnel (say goodbye to the difficulties of VPNs & TOR!) operating transparently between a powerful on-premise secure gateway and AWS secure cloud services.
  • Brings 95% effective Extended Detection & Response (XDR) to small businesses from an AI-based Security Operations Center.
  • The TrustWrx Partner Program benefits the MSP or ISP by increasing revenues, reducing security management risk and overhead, improving brand loyalty and extending services and revenue opportunities beyond the small business network to the hybrid worker’s connected home and devices.

The secure gateway simply plugs into or replaces the on-premise router. The MSP Security Center then controls all inbound and outbound network traffic.

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For the first time, AI-based threat detection allows the customer to enjoy greater peace of mind that comes from a safer Internet experience.

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The entire edge network becomes safer because all the smart devices come under the policy-based control of the central security services.

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Professionally managed security – your concierge to a safer Internet.
safely dealing with the many threats that desktop anti-virus can’t handle.
The Cloud has dissolved
the Perimeter . . .
Identity is the New Perimeter


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